Credit Catalogues

With the onset of the holiday seasons, you may find that the shopping list keeps getting longer, while the Pounds seem to be slipping out of your fingers! There’s the decorations, the food, the nice clothes, the impressive gifts and, of course, you must have some money left for a holiday weekend! So before you find yourself making apologetic excuses like “the economy’s bad,” get surfing and start buying from the right places. Our experts have toiled single-mindedly to find you the most reasonable ways to shop from catalogues on credit, paying attention to every detail regarding APRs, payment deadlines, penalties etc.

Argos’ Christmas catalogues has a diverse selection of gifts for all ages. They allow you to create a personal account and spread your costs over several weeks. They send you a statement with all your account details every month, at which time you are required to make a minimum payment. In fact, there are other online stores which offer the same credit plans on their catalogues, so you have an extensive collection of potential Christmas presents to choose from.

Littlewoods is one of the largest stores in the UK and they have three types of credit schemes, depending on how much you want to pay upfront and how long you need to pay off your entire account. 24studio also has two Christmas catalogues: Christmas Book and Christmas Living. Their credit policy allows you to pay for your purchase over 12 months. The first installment is due within 28 days of purchase and the frequency of further installments is decided based on your credit limit and amount.