Christmas Hampers

With the holidays just around the corner, your household Christmas demands are likely to hit the fan. But that doesn’t mean that your costs must too. With retail credit cards, monthly part-payments and other finance schemes, you no longer have to feel beaten up about the gifts, the wine and holiday decorations for your home. These are some retailers that offer the best bargains when it comes to delayed payment and credit plans:

At Marks & Spencer, the M&S Bank allows you to open a “current” account and thereby finance the purchase of all your Christmas needs through a personal loan or an M&S credit card. Use these facilities to buy one of their many Christmas hampers such as the Traditional Hamper, the Chill Christmas Hamper, Christmas Wine Cases and other Wine Gifts. Further, their home and decorations section houses Christmas decorations.

CLC Finance allows you to order a hamper online after looking at a brochure full of hampers and you can pay off your purchase amount in small amounts on a weekly basis.

John Lewis and Waitrose together offer a Partnership card that can be used to spread the cost of purchase at both stores, and also earns you rewards. John Lewis’ Christmas gifts options are truly comprehensive, with recommended gifts by age, gender, price, and even profession or interests. Waitrose also has hampers for all occasions including Xmas as well as food, flowers and wine presents. With the partnership card, you can afford the perfect gift with low APRs and flexible installment periods.

Harvey Nichols also offers an impressive hamper collection for the festive season this year. The Chocolate Christmas, The Cowboy Lineup, The Let it Snow this Christmas, etc., are all creatively crafted hampers targeted separately at kids, lovers and corporate colleagues. With the Harvey Nichols card and credit scheme you can purchase these hampers without paying a hefty price all at once.