Spread the Cost

Are you feeling like a hard-up shopper? Afraid you might have a frugal Christmas this year? Don’t want to pay costly debt on your credit card?
Lightning deals, being savvy about getting the best deals – so much to look out for in the festive bonanza! But deals disappear in what seems seconds, especially the best ones. And you can’t possibly check every single store to know which one is giving the best offers or haggle with every retailer. So sit back, relax and spread the cost of Christmas shopping!

Spreading the cost is a quick, easy way to help you with budgeting to save a tidy amount, taking pressure off your wallet and saving you from paying for your credit card months after Christmas. Online stores give you an option to select your purchases, place an order and receive a statement. After its receipt, you can decide to make the payment in a pay monthly manner. There is a minimum sum to pay. Then you can choose to pay the balance over a time frame of your choice in many ways, for example, direct debt. You receive statements at regular intervals, say monthly, telling you the minimum amount to be paid within the next, say, 21 days along with a minimal interest for the amount owed. With online stores, you can browse through online catalogues with pay monthly schemes. This way, you get to spread the cost of Christmas.

You can do all of this comfortably curled up in your sofa as you browse through catalogues. Websites like Woolworths, Grattan, Very, 24studio, Kaleidoscope, Getpark and many more, have theirs available online as well as for delivery. There are hundreds of brands to choose from, great sales and seasonal discounts, and lots of products at half price or less. Online catalogues with pay monthly options would be a better choice in this fast paced shopping universe as you can frequently check out new deals or offers that are valid for short periods of time. Plus often these websites have useful gifting ideas!

With cost spreading, there is no need to pay upfront. Plus, you get exclusive promotions and can easily manage your account online. Research smartly, think soon and spread the joy by spreading the cost this Christmas!