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Xbox One – Number one Christmas gift 2013

xbox oneChristmas 2013 best sellers list is out and what is the best of the lot, well it’s the next generation console the Xbox One. This machine is built for the future of gaming, if you are a gaming freak then this is surely for you. Designed with cutting edge technology, it has some excellent features, capabilities and content and it allows you to grow your gaming experience.

The Xbox One is all about class, half matte, half glossy and angular black body. Powered with x86 APU (accelerated processing unit) and works on Jaguar processor. Everything is built to offer the very best gaming experience that is fully integrated with the biggest social sites. Gaming will never go out of trend and you can always gift this to someone this Christmas or be selfish and gift it to yourself. The console will be released in the UK on the 22 November but customer are already being suggested to pre-order consoles if they want to ensure delivery before Christmas.

Let’s look at the Xbox Stats, it comes to 550 GB HDD, Blu-ray drive with slot load, output and HDMI input connectors, super speed USB 3.0 ports, wireless and wired network support and security slot by Kensington too. This will all enhance your gaming experience of with this year’s hottest next gen game releases, if you have just seen you friends play on Xbox or planning to change your existing console then do it this Christmas with this exciting new machine.

The Xbox One is in direct competition PS4. The biggest drawback for the Xbox One is the price tag which exceeds the PS4’s. This has put off a few people, but now this console can be purchase from a number of catalogue on a buy now pay later credit option. Click on shop now to find out where.